At Techcentric, we're committed to building long-term relationships with our clients though exceptional and approachable service. To prove this - we offer a free, no commitment evaluation of your IT systems, with advice on how to reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimize your remote-work capabilities.






Fiona McNaughton, General Manager

"Adam is the real deal in IT.  He really took the time to listen and understand our Company vision and keeps that in mind when he is working on our IT projects. He solves each IT question with our bigger picture in mind. Adam has helped our team grow and develop in technology through answering many types of questions, planning, improving workflow operations and he has done so professionally, efficiently and with outstanding service. I feel that I can always count on Adam to help. It’s a true pleasure working with him and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for IT services."


Tessa de Jonge, General Manager


Francois Leclerc, President

"Adam is an exemplary professional for his personalized and fast service. For any IT questions, you can count on Adam to advise you on the best tools to use for your needs at the best price.
The advantage of doing business with Techcentric is that Adam will be happy to meet you in person and analyze your needs at no cost and then return with a quote, very different from the competition. Adam,
I'm very happy to work with someone as competent as you are, thank you!"


David Horowitz, President

"It is rare that you come across standout talent like Adam. Efficient- actually ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Adam. His ability to juggle multiple IT projects was unlike anything I've seen before and made a dramatic difference in the time to set up all of our company's Mac computers. Best of all, no hurdles ever seem to phase him - always there to not only find solutions, but to do so with such a positive attitude. His tagline sums him up well. Exceptional and approachable. He possesses such infectious passion that it is an absolute pleasure to always see him, and equally important, to highly recommend him."

"We do not specialize in IT - so by working with Techcentric we were able to stop worrying about IT issues and focus on our business. Adam took the time to understand our current and future needs while anticipating where we may encounter issues or need updates. Techcentric does not provide you with quick fixes but instead looks to implement the best IT management possible. Adam provides honest and open communication which allows problems to be resolved quickly and efficiently. We finally have an IT company that we can count on and as a bonus they are super friendly, helpful and patient!"



The ability to work remotely is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity. We've been migrating customers to the cloud for years and know how to do it transparently and securely.

:: Access email & files from anywhere

:: Communicate & collaborate remotely

:: Affordable & easy to use


Contacting IT shouldn't be something you dread. We love helping our customers and it shows. We're always happy to hear from you and always accessible - that's our promise.

:: Friendly & reliable service

:: Detailed and thoughtful advice

:: We stand by our work


Hackers are always finding new ways to compromise your systems. We offer a complete suite of security tools and training to help keep you and your company's data safe.

:: Virus & malware protection

:: Password management tools

:: Social engineering training




Senior Technical Support Specialist

After graduating from Conestoga College in IT,  I freelanced for various companies including large phone and travel companies - however my heart has always been with smaller companies & start ups. 

I love the personal feel that comes from working with SMB's and the unique opportunities to troubleshoot, support and customize solutions to their individual needs.


I look forward to working with you! 


Owner at Techcentric

After a 15 year career working at some of the worlds largest companies including Samsung, IBM and Morgan Stanley (and amassing a wealth of technical & operational knowledge along the way), I decided to follow my passion for helping small-businesses and started Techcentric in 2016.

Helping my customers make good IT choices - and seeing how those choices can directly impact a companies success - is something I find tremendously rewarding.

When my customers succeed, I succeed.

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Montreal, Quebec